Every week at Haven Assisted Living we offer a schedule filled with exciting activities for our residents. In the first week of August, 2022, for example, we offered our residents the chance to take a virtual cruise and a fishing trip to Grandpa’s Pond. We also offered field trips to go shopping and to the library this past week.

But that’s not all we offer at the Haven! We also provide plenty of fun actitivies on site!

We had bingo games, exercise classes, craft classes, karaoke, bunco, and movies, just to name a few of the activities we offered this week.

All month long we’re celebrating the vision of Walt Disney with Disney Days!

Walt Disney had a dream to enrich the lives of others through his creativity. It is amaxing to see what his Disneyland dream created, as it spread to Disney World in Florida, then to Toykyo and Paris!

We will be showing Disney movies on Tuesdays at 5:00PM and our residents can order dinner while they watch the movie in our theater.

On the last Friday of the month we’ll also be following a Polynesian theme showing the Disney film, “Moana” and our chef is cooking up a few Polynesian treats for dinner! We’ll also have Irene’s Aloha Movement performing for us. Irene has also graciously commited to come and teach our residents the hula so they can participate in the dinner that Friday!

We will also be taking virtual Disney walking tours so our residents can see what Disney World is like today. To go to Disneyland now a ticket is $104 for the day so it’s nice that our residents can stay at teh Haven and see it virtually for free!