// Life Enrichment
Life Enrichment
The Haven’s Life Enrichment Team understands the importance of a positive, uplifting atmosphere and we are dedicated to personalizing all our activities and entertainment to match the needs of each resident. Each week residents are given a calendar of upcoming activities, events, movies, entertainment programs, music activities, shopping excursions, outings and other special events.
  •  Musical Performances
  •  Singing Classes
  •  Fitness and Stretching Classes
  •  Gardening
  •  Fishing
  •  Outings
  •  Bingo
  •  Wheel of Fortune
  •  Religious Meetings
  •  Current Events Discussions
  •  Trivia Games
  •  Dance Performances
  •  Volunteer Programs
  •  Shopping Excursions
  •  Movies
  •  Computer/Tablet Classes
  •  And More!
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